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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Love Has Layers (Day 10)

Photo by Christy V. Poem inspired by the TV show iCarly revival season 2, the TV show Castle, and NaPoWriMo love prompt

When you peel an onion, it takes time to

Reach the middle, that’s love in a relationship

You can also peel back the layers of

Someone to know them deeper than before,

When you cut an onion, it sometimes

Makes others cry, but not always, like love

Sometimes onions can be very sweet

Sometimes unexpectedly raw

They can come in many colors

Our slow burn romance has taken time

Our past is can be hard to explain

At times it can be complicated

No matter what, we’re always together

Our love, like an onion, has layers

By Christy V.

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