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30 Poems, 30 Days: Peace Lily (Day 11)

Credit: Christy V.

Everyone remembers Forget-Me-Nots

Those tiny blue blossoms of true love

They even are used to remember the past

It takes some time and research to find

The Peace Lily, as a plant that is kind

Many might see sympathy or peace

No one focuses on their green leaves with

Their white flags as truce for every one

Not the flowers that everyone believes

Flowers are tiny on the spike within the flag,

As the Greek roots mean spoon leaves,

Not truly lilies, but no one minds

They prefer the shade and a bit of bright light

They enjoy being inside if not in the rainforest

As they cannot handle icy reception

They say “Feed Me” when they droop pitifully

As they are very thirsty and unhappy

Pour water, and in an hour, they’re alive again

Don’t give up, if it isn’t an hour, re-pot if too thirsty

Don’t feed the lilies too much, only when dirt is dry

It’s easy to care, and they’ll care right back

As Peace Lillies have air-purifying qualities

And balance the energy in any room

You won’t mind them six or fifty inches tall

They are easy to keep alive, especially in Spring

If you’re lucky, they might bloom again in Fall

Wash your hands, if touched they irritate

Mildly toxic to small humans, but besides that

You’ll encounter few problems and only peace

By Christy V.

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