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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Almanac Fantasy (Day 26)


At the sparkling city by the bay

There is a woman who grew up dreaming

To be an author of stories and poems

She ponders now about walking about

To see and hear the art downtown

Where down an alley you might find a cat

On the street you might find walking a lost dog

Where there is no Victorian architecture

Every building works for those who need it

Now many areas, as the border, silent

Or at least less quiet than in the past

She imagines walking around not in heat

But weather cool and cloudy, with enough

To grow purple daisies in the wild

And a rabbit emerges from its home,

See the baby turtles reach the sea,

And waiting to bake Christmas cookies

Romance for her is a fantasy novel

Desiring to find a loyal giver that

Will take her, in a tea length dress,

For British tea and Jammie Dodgers,

Adventures to see to her favorite artist,

And explore her favorite locations

Someone who will be sincerely hers

And find resources for distance learning

Love like flying on a pegasus without getting hurt

Everything she imagines now seems like fantasy

By Christy V.

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