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Featured in Amazon's
Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 & 2023

Christina Vourcos' Kindle Vella serial NEVER FORGET is featured in the books to read from Hispanic and Latinx authors in 2022 and 2023. Additionally, the serial has been featured three times by Amazon through a list on Kindle Vella and also appeared on the Kindle Vella  'Top Faves" list thanks to readers. 

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Never Forget Author Blurb

"How far will a desperate college student go to pay the bills? Take a journey into Valencia's world and find yourself captivated by the enticing thriller Christina Vourcos has created in NEVER FORGET. The vivid details and intriguing plot, full of twists and turns, will keep you reading. Because when Valencia is chosen to be a part of an experimental program, she discovers some things truly are too good to be true. Don't miss out on this story rich in Latino culture!" - Christina Farley, bestselling author of the Gilded series and The DREAM HEIST

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