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Christina’s Literary News: SelfCare Storytelling

SelfCare + Storytelling

  • I've realized how much these two aspects can bring benefits to not only my indie author career but also to others.

  • There is evidence, including my own, that shows how crafting our stories in certain ways can bring health benefits and healing. This can also be true in poetry.

  • I've been learning through marketing lessons from others how storytelling can be a powerful element that I should use. It has impacted how I approach sharing on social media and what I hope to accomplish with my newsletter (now through my blog on my website).

  • This knowledge has also helped me better understand how to approach my writing process what I have published and what I hope to publish.

SelfCare Strategies

  • I've been going back to making digital art not only to help me destress but also to give me another opportunity to be creative when I struggle to write creatively. It's also healing because it provides an opportunity to give myself comfort when I don't feel well. It also reminds me of what helped me get through difficult moments during my recent fight with lymphoma.

  • I'm using social media differently now. While I use it to share, especially for my indie author career, it also allows me to have an opportunity to do creative SelfCare posts, especially with realistic affirmations (recently as Instagram Reels) with my voiceover. I hope to make my newsletter to help myself and others while sharing the overall message of my books.

  • I've been trying my best to let go of things I can't control, especially with work when it stresses me out. I want to do my best, but there's only so much I can do. I have to remind myself of this.

  • I'm working on pacing myself to have the right balance each day with rest and moving forward to progress.

Updates on Latest Publishing

  • I've been working on getting my second poetry book finished (especially the last part and final edits). I also want to make sure you all know how this book has helped me and changed how I write. I will share more about this in the future. Especially since it focuses on my fight against lymphoma, dealing with mental health, handling recovery, and more.

  • I'm behind on my holiday novella that I was publishing through Kindle Vella. Health took me off course with a cold and then brain fog. I hope to get back to it soon and eventually release it in standard formats in July.

  • I will start a new poetry book in April, and I have plans to write a mystery novel (like those Hallmark movies or the TV shows Castle and Wild Cards). I also want to do more romance, contemporary mythology, and psychological stuff with a blend of my cultures along with other important themes (as always).

Personal Health Updates

  • I have started scheduled testing to see how I am doing in remission and will get more details about this with upcoming appointments in February and March.

  • I haven't been feeling well lately, but at the same time, I feel like I'm doing better at finding strategies to help me with what I've been struggling with.

Remember to check out my latest books and Kindle Vella serials through Amazon (and the Kindle app). If you're interested in learning more about them, check the front page of my website. You can request paperbacks from your local bookstore and library. Let me know what you think of my books by leaving a review (on Amazon and/or Goodreads) and my revised newsletter by leaving a comment.

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