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30 Poems In 30 Days: Second Chance (Day 15)

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Second Chance (Monologue) by Christy V.

Nothing I did worked and no one understood

I’ve received looks when others realize

I didn’t complete like I should have

This could be my second chance

I can’t move forward without this test

I want to make my family proud

To show my value and learn life skills

After this I’ll finally head to college

And I’ll get the job that works best for me

Here is my second chance to be

Better than who I’ve been

Teachers and tutors want me to succeed

Determined to show what everyone

Needs to know and work with us one-on-one

Even the new teachers and tutors learning

Deserve a chance to improve

I’m not the only one

There are others here

With their stories to tell

They all want a second chance

Even if they don’t show it

I’ll be the one to prove it

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