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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: Té de Bugambilia (Day 6)

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The essential home remedy was sitting in the garden

As she sat in the chair waiting for her amor

He was the doctor who wrote prescriptions, and

She knew every plant and flower with healing power.

She tended her home garden every day,

While he always walked away

Busy with work from morning to night,

She took her time at home for those who needed her

While he saved the nation with his mind.

She could perfectly arrange flowers and food

At a moments notice which happened always

As he invited everyone to their dinner table

His patients brought what they could of groceries

As a way to pay for his work, she turned it all to be used

Their family grew and grew, as well as their relationship.

She waited for him to arrive home to treat her

The flowers were there telling her to start

She moved from her seat to set water to boil

She added the flowers until it turned pink

She added a bit of her limes in season

She added the honey that was distant

She returned to her garden chair with a cup of tea

While she waited for his return, she knew:

Yo fui arquitecto de mi propio destino.

By Christy V.

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